Section F/G

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Buildings F and G, used by the editorial staff of the Munich Abendzeitung, consist of a total of three building sections that are accessed now via an address in the passage entry. Building F contains passage access in Sendlinger Strasse and was designed as a new building both in its cubature and as façade in the detailed context of the surrounding historical buildings of Sendlinger Strasse. Section G consists of two town houses classified as individual monuments. One of them is adjacent to the “Hacken” building and is protected in most of its substance, and the other is joined to section F. This building, apart from its listed façade, was largely rebuilt with a historical cubature.

  • Gross floor area: approx. 4.000 m2
  • Site size: approx. 1.000 m2
  • Floor space ratio: approx. 4,00
Facade View
Detail facade
Site Plan
Ground Floor Plan
Ground plan 2nd Floor
Design sketches of roof shape and dormers
Cubature studies