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The passage affords access to the interior of the area, the formerly forbidden city of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” as a public throughway. It is lined by retail shops and office entrances and leads to the different courtyards. With its three arms, the passage points to important urban connections: for example in Sendlinger Strasse via Dultstrasse to St.-Jakobsplatz, in Färbergraben via Sattlerplatz to Kaufingerstrasse and via Hackenstrasse to the more peaceful Hacken quarter. At a central location of the passage, the three arms come together under the translucent light roof of the inner courtyard in the former printing plant, just where the rotary printing machine was earlier located. The passage forms a free organic figure of high and low, wide and narrow spaces.

Schnitt Passagenarm
Schnitt Detail Lichthof
Prinzip der schwingenden Bänder
Detail Passagenleuchte
Schnitt des Passagenarms zur Sendlinger Straße