Development decision …


… for the former American settlement at Perlacher Forst

Our study project in consortium with Palais Mai as part of a multiple commission for the redensification of the American settlement at Perlacher Forst for the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA) took an important first step on June 12, 2024. We look forward to the upcoming transparent dialog with the population and the city’s decision-makers.

Florian Holzherr
varied tasks


We are happy to take on a variety of tasks: Florian Hartmann has taken on another challenge and also works as a board member at the Verein für Volkswohnungen, one of Munich’s long-established yet dynamic housing cooperatives.

The Intelligent Ruin


Bart Fanden Driessche, BLAF architecten (BE) will give a guest lecture on Wednesday, 22.05.2024 at 6 pm as part of Lisa Yamaguchi’s Ruina Inversa design master’s program at TU Graz. The title is “The intelligent Ruin” and will take place in HS1, Alte Technik, Rechbauerstr. 12, 80,10 Graz.

Competition Kepler-Areal Ludwigsburg


An exhibition with all contributions to the Kepler-Areal realization competition in Ludwigsburg is currently taking place until Sunday 28.04.2024. From Wednesday – Friday 16:00 – 19:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 – 17:00 you have the opportunity to view also our contribution. On Monday, 29.04.2024 from 16:30 the exhibition closes with a public finissage. The exhibition venue is on the Franck-Areal Ludwigsburg, building 80 with access from Pflugfelder Straße.


Old. Brutal. Handsome.


Last week, excerpts from our employee Maximilian Jost’s master’s thesis were published in the Abendzeitung newspaper.
In the master’s thesis, he deals with the possible potential of the existing criminal justice center in Nymphenburgerstraße in a mixed use of working and living.

As part of the article, the AZ reported on the open call organized by the “Abbrechen Abbrechen” initiative for the further use of the building from the 1970s.
Ideas can be submitted for the open call until 07.06.2024.

Photo Shoot Webersgasse


With the first residents moving in and the sun shining brightly, we were at the photo shoot with Florian Holzherr at the completed retirement home in Webersgasse, Nuremberg
City.Power.Climate – Guest lecture


Next Tuesday, April 16 at 7 p.m., Andreas Müsseler will give a guest lecture in the “Stadt.Macht.Klima” series at the Georg Simon Ohm Nuremberg Institute of Technology – the aim is to get to the bottom of the principles of sustainable urban design. The lecture will take place in the BB building of the Faculty of Architecture, Bahnhofstraße 90, 90402 Nuremberg, in room BB.007.


Semester project at the TU Graz


In the search for resilient structures, the students are developing the “Ruina Inversa” with Lisa Yamaguchi in the summer semester.

Workshop at TU Graz


In order not to merely react passively, but to actively build on what already exists, it is important to internalize its principles, think them through and build on them. Workshop at TU Graz from 15-16.05.2024, registration now possible.

Merry Christmas


We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!

Living on Webersgasse


The scaffolding has already been removed and only a few details are still missing before the residents can move in in the spring. We were happy to see the construction progress for ourselves during an excursion.

Photo credit: Paulo Mota

70th birthday Marcel Meili


Even though we can no longer celebrate with him, we still think of Marcel Meili, our mentor and friend, to whom we owe a great deal. We would have loved to celebrate his 70th birthday with him today.

New construction of commercial and residential buildings Neufreimann


The competition “Neubau Gewerbe- und Wohnungsbauten Neufreimann in München” was included in the results list of Competition Online. We would like to thank our employees and partners for their commitment!

Exhibition of the Competition Neufreimann


All competition entries will be on display in the exhibition on the first floor of the high-rise building of the Planning Department, Blumenstraße 28b, 80331 Munich. This will be opened on Wednesday, 25.10.2023 at 6 pm.

After that, the exhibition can still be seen during normal business hours until 08.11.2023.

1st place competition Neufreimann


Together with the landscape architects Wamsler Rohloff Wirzmüller FreiRaum Architekten we can be pleased about the 1st place for our contribution to the realization competition in the cooperative procedure “Neufreimann MU1(8)”. Many thanks to our collaborators and partners!

Exhibition competition Museums Quarter Starnberg


Last Friday, 08 September the exhibition of the competition Museums Quarter Starnberg was opened at the “Wiege von Starnberg”. On the following two Saturdays (16./23.09.23) there is the possibility to visit the exhibition in the studio of Paulo de Brito, free of charge and without registration.

Living on Webersgasse


Things are progressing …. soon the facade will be finished and the scaffolding can be taken down. Photo: ESW-Bauplanung GmbH

Essay-Titelseite_DETAIL 7/8.2023
Landscape as a Resource


In the summer issue of DETAIL 7/8.2023, an essay by Andreas Müsseler entitled “Landscape as a resource” is published in which he discusses land consumption and summarizes examples and methods to combat it.

Book presentation “Reallabor Nachkriegsmoderne”


The architecture week “450 years of Elias Holl – a summer week of architecture” in Augsburg ends with a Sunday matinee on 23.07.2023 on the occasion of the book presentation “Reallabor Nachkriegsmoderne” (jovis, Berlin, with a contribution by Andreas Müsseler) to discuss the value of the young heritage as a resource for the future with proven experts.

New perspectives


…. in the Hofstatt – it remains exciting!

Work trial


The other day we had an applicant for the trainee position in our office to try out, but whether the little birdie is really suitable for model building…. what do you think? We are still accepting applications

Ice Age Tour


Last week we had the pleasure of a visit from the ROMA Ice Age Tour ice cream truck and enjoyed some delicious ice cream. Thanks for stopping by!

Exciting project


Last object inspection – it remains exciting how it goes on here. We are looking forward to it.
Open Architecture Exhibition


Students in Lisa Yamaguchi’s Integral Architecture design studio will showcase their semester projects as part of the Open Architecture exhibition. Come and join the Party!

Where: TU Graz, Faculty of Architecture, Studio NA04130B, Lessingstr. 25/IV, A-8010 Graz

When: Thursday, 29.06.2023 from 3 pm

Reallabor Nachkriegsmoderne


The conference proceedings entitled “Reallabor Nachkriegsmoderne” (“Postwar Modernism: A Real Laboratory”) with a contribution by Andreas Müsseler on the systematic recording of mass housing construction of the 1960s and 70s have recently become available in stores.

dreisterneplus Lisa Yamaguchi Gastprofessur TU München
Of the potential of contradictions


Lisa Yamaguchi in conversation with Petra Eckhard and Daniel Gethmann – a welcome interview of the architecture faculty of the TU Graz

Mud Building at the OTH Regensburg


In the first week of Mai was a test pavilion set up under the direction of Andreas Emminger and Andreas Müsseler. We are happy together with all dedicated students.

Recognition Museum Quarter Starnberg


The competition “Museum Quarter Starnberg” was added to the list of results by Competition Online. We would like to thank our staff and partners for their efforts!

Study projects exhibition


Students from the design studio of Prof. Erich Prödl, Sebastian Strobel and Prof. Lisa Yamaguchi exhibit their designs for a youth center on the site of the former Prinz Leopold barracks in Regensburg.
Take a look!
Visit from Graz II


Another item on the program of the students from Graz was a guided tour through the Hofstatt by Florian Hartmann. We are very pleased about the interest in our work.

Visit from Graz I


Last week we had the pleasure to welcome some students of the chair “Integral Architecture” of Prof. Lisa Yamaguchi at the TU Graz in our office for a lecture on the history of urban development in Munich by Prof. Andreas Müsseler. Many thanks for the visit!

Professorship TU Graz


From March 2023 on Lisa Yamaguchi has the professorship for Integral Architecture at TU Graz and is looking forward to the new challenge.


Redevelopment of the area around Traunstein station


The competition “Bahnhofsumfeld Traunstein” was added to the list of results by Competition Online. We congratulate the offices on the placements and thank our staff for the effort!

Now Online Too!


In addition to the exhibition at the Kulturforum Klosterkirche in Traunstein, the results of the “Railroad Station Environment Traunstein” ideas competition can now also be viewed online:

Recognition in the competition “Railroad Station Environment Traunstein”


For our contribution to the ideas competition “Railroad Station Environment Traunstein” we can be pleased about a recognition. We congratulate the winners!

The exhibition of all competition works in the Kulturforum Klosterkirche Traunstein can be visited until February 19, 2023 from Wednesdays to Fridays 10-17 o’clock, Saturdays and Sundays from 13 to 18 o’clock

Museums Quarter Starnberg


We are pleased about the recognition in the competition for the future design of the museum quarter in Starnberg and congratulate the two winners.

Out Now! “How we learned to walk” –


the book of the touring exhibition of AIT-Dialog! In it you can now also read how Oliver Noak learned to walk.

Now also in Turkish!


The book “Handbuch und Planungshilfe Natursteinfassaden” by Konstantin Krüger (DOM publishers) is now also available in Turkish. Of course with our project Schwabinger Carré II in chapter 4: Yapılar ve Cepheler

Guest lecture at the TU Graz


In the context of the lectures History of Architecture and the interim presentation of the Master Design Studio, Lisa Yamaguchi will give a guest lecture on the topic “Design and Reference” at TU Graz on 30.11.2022 at 6 pm.


Competition Exhibition Dreilingsweg


The results have been announced and now there is the opportunity to view the competition entries until 25 November 2022 at the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations, Blumenstraße 28b, 80331 Munich in room 017 and 018.

Congratulations to the winner MLA +, Berlin with Lohrengel Landschaft, Berlin.

Architecture Symposium 2022 – Kongress im Park


As part of the DGF study day “1972/2022 Monuments for Future in Practice // Reallabor Nachkriegsmoderne – Zum Umgang mit jungen Denkmalen” taking place in Augsburg from 17 to 19 November 2022, Prof. Andreas Müsseler will speak on the topic of “Der genetische Gebäudecode – Potentiale im Massenwohnungsbau der 1960er und -70er”. The complete programme and the registration link for the free event can be found here:



Guided Tour “The Olympic City of Munich”


Last Week we had the pleasure of a very interesting curator’s tour with Ms Irene Meissner through the exhibition “The Olympic City of Munich” at the TUM Museum of Architecture.

The exhibition runs until 08 January 2023 and is highly recommended.


Book Tip “Tafelwerk Großwohnsiedlung”


The latest book tip from is the book “Tafelwerk Großwohnsiedlung – Ein Phänomen der Nachkriegszeit” by the authors Andreas Müsseler and Khaled Mostafa. Have a look!
Callwey Awards Residential Buildings of the Year 2022


The “Residential Buildings of the Year” award is the only joint award for builders and architects in the area of multi-storey residential buildings in the German-speaking world. The 50 best residential buildings selected by a jury of experts are published together with the most innovative product solutions in the associated yearbook. We are very pleased that our project Tübinger Straße was awarded in the category Neighbourhood Development. Many thanks to the building owner, to all employees and project participants who supported this project so energetically.


Architecture Symposium 2022


Save the Date: the DGF study day “1972/2022 Monuments for Future in Practice // Reallabor Nachkriegsmoderne – Zum Umgang mit jungen Denkmalen” will take place in Augsburg from 17 – 19 November 2022. One of the speakers is Prof. Andreas Müsseler.


Guided tour Hansa- /Tübingerstraße


Lisa Yamaguchi recently gave a guided tour of the Hansastrasse / Tübingerstrasse project for interested members of the Münchener Architekten- und Ingenieur-Verein e.V.. Many thanks for the interest in our work!


Stadt:Satelliten – the Film ….


Under the title “Stadt:Satelliten – der Film zur siebten Architekturwoche” a film has been made. This is by Nicole Huminski on behalf of the BDA Kreisverband München-Oberbayern, 2022.

Our colleagues Quirin Gosslau and Julius Kress also present our satellite “Verantwortungsaktivator”. Have a look!

Living on Webersgasse


The construction site for our senior living facility in Webersgasse in Nuremberg is progressing. Only three floors are still missing for the completion of the shell.


Architect Tours 2022


Under the title “ETZENRICHT – What works in the countryside?” the municipality of Etzenricht opened its doors in June for the Architects’ Tours 2022. The theme was the reactivation of vacant buildings in the center of the community. On display were student works from the bachelor’s degree program in architecture under Prof. Markus Emde, Prof. Andreas Müsseler and DI Lisa Yamaguchi at the OTH Regensburg. The works were created in cooperation with the Office for Rural Development for a total of 10 concrete buildings. The exhibition was very well received – as can be read at


Visit from Zurich II


Many thanks for the visit from the office Rincker, Rinderknecht Hucker Architekten AG from Zurich! We had a lot of fun with various excursions, a walk with Hans and Sep and of course the obligatory visit to the beer garden.