On the Regerstrasse site, the classical, orthogonal block is broken up and reassembled in small rotations and offsets. The result is a wide variety of cross-links between the courtyards and with the park, both alongside the buildings and through carefully placed passageways. At the same time, the built-up area remains largely closed, particularly towards Regerstrasse, thereby remaining within Theodor Fischer’s guidelines. Planned offsets within the façades create a structuring of the street space in interaction with the buildings opposite. The local park is the centrepiece of the site and is surrounded by block structures of various sizes with similar building types that profit from the park setting.

  • Location: Munich
  • Competition: 2013
  • Sponsor: Bayerische Hausbau GmbH & Co. KG
  • Project Team: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak
, Lisa Yamaguchi with Marcel Meili, Markus Peter, Antoine Cartier, Tobias Fritzenwenger, Johanna Irmisch,
 Felix Krüttli, Christoph Staude