BA1 Hansastraße


Areal + BA1 + BA2

Construction phase 1:

The first module of the development area is directly on Hansastrasse and in the first two buildings with a commercially used boarding house in Hansastrasse, income-based subsidised flats and two town houses and rented dwellings, already reflects important parts of the envisaged variety of uses for the entire area.

Out of the industrial and robust charm of the place and the necessity of conferring in particular on this first nucleus of urban intervention a homely ambience that lends identity, the individual parts spreading into the depths of the block are evenly developing their own individual character and their common bond.

  • Location: Munich
  • Overall project since: 2012
  • BA1 since: 2015
  • Client BA1: Wohnbau Objekt Hansastraße GmbH
  • Project team – current: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi, Victoria Fernandez Daglio
Figure-ground diagram
site plan BA1
sequence townhouses ©Florian Holzherr
View Section D from across ©Florian Holzherr
Interior apartments section D ©Florian Holzherr
Ground Floor Plan BA1
Floor plan 2nd upper floor
Front View Townhouse D ©Florian Holzherr
Model Townhouse
Model overall project
model construction section
facade study
facade study
partial view ©Florian Holzherr
interior section C ©Florian Holzherr
interior section C ©Florian Holzherr
visualisation Hansastraße
visualisation entry Hansastraße
visualisation "Grüne_Schlucht"
staircase section C2 ©Florian Holzherr
staircase section C2 ©Florian Holzherr
View Section C2 ©Florian Holzherr
Front View Section C2 ©Florian Holzherr
staircase section C2 ©Florian Holzherr
staircase section C2 ©Florian Holzherr
street facade section C1 ©Florian Holzherr
section of facade section C1 ©Florian Holzherr
Section C1, Construction Site June 2019
facade section D, construction site 2019
facade Hansastrasse, section C2, June 2019