Meili Peter dreisterneplus Tübinger Straße München Wohnungsbau

BA2 Tübinger Straße

since 2016

Areal + BA1 + BA2

Construction phase 2:

The second module of the development area is reached from Tübinger Strasse and completes the courtyard structure created in the first construction phase. The two building blocks develop from Tübinger Strasse into the depth of the site and contain the large town square. In accordance with the public character of the square, the ground floor is intended to contain important local supply shops as well as a childcare centre. The flats above are individually designed according to their respective situation in the building. Together with the buildings of the first construction phase, the two parts of this construction phase develop their own character and their shared identity equally.

  • Location: Munich
  • Overall project since: 2012
  • BA2 since: 2016
  • Client BA2: Isaria Objekt Tübinger Straße Gmbh & Co. Kg, Munich
  • Project team – Current: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi, Mathias Adorf