Quarter Goethestraße Sonthofen


Today, the neighbourhood on Goethestraße shows that at the time it was not always immediately possible to balance the two ambitious guiding principles of park landscape and traffic. The wide street space of Goethestraße cuts through the park landscape and reduces the remaining green spaces of the settlement to pragmatic residual green between the buildings. Our contribution eliminates the street space of Goethestraße and connects the green spaces isolated on both sides to a continuous, diverse and eventful open space in the spirit of the originally intended park landscape. The new structures are composed into the landscape according to spatial considerations. They create an interplay of narrow and wide spaces.

  • Location: Sonthofen / Allgäu
  • Competition: 2019
  • Client: SWW Oberallgäu Wohnungsbau GmbH, Sonthofen
  • Project Team: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi, Victoria Fernández Daglio, Annelie Asam, Melanie Hürner, Mohammad Sobhi Allamadani
Historical Postcard
Model photo
Model photo
Model photo
Perspektive model photo
Black Plan
Site Plan
First floor plan section
Facade section partial view
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