Neufreimann MU 1 (8) Munich

2023 (1rst Prize)

A building construction that is as economical as possible and at the same time sustainable is the focus of the design concept.

The continuous construction grid with an axial dimension of 3.85 m allows, on the one hand, high-quality room units with a high degree of modularity and repetition for the apartment floor plans. In addition, the vertical loads can be efficiently transferred down to the basement level without any offsets.

We conceive of the skeletal structure as a living shelf that can respond to very flexible requirements and be expanded according to different wishes. Participatory models for self-expansion are also possible.

The basement was deliberately kept compact in order to conserve resources and minimize the sealing of surfaces. The areas not built under as a result allow for densely planted courtyard greenery.

  • Location: Neufreimann, Munich
  • Competition: 2023 (1. Prize)
  • Gross Floor Space: approx. 25.350 m2
  • Building Site: approx. 5.340 m2
  • Floor Space Ratio: approx. 3,85
  • Client: Stadtimpuls eG, Südbaden Immobilien GmbH
  • Project Team: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi with Julius Kress, Thanh Tu Le und Lilly Obermeyer
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Site plan
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interior courtyard north view
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courtyard east view
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Groundfloor plan
Floor plan rule floor
Floor plan underground parking
Floor plan attic
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