Railroad station environment Traunstein


Spaces in the City

We perceive our surroundings as a sequence of different spaces. In particular, the area around the train station in Traunstein is characterized by a multitude of different functions and spatial fragments. The aim of our work is to make functions and spatial fragments legible in a new way through targeted interventions, thus enabling citizens to perceive and use them as a matter of course.

  • Location: Traunstein
  • Competition: 2022 (recognition)
  • Gross Floor Space: approx. 31.000 m2 (construction stock included)
  • Building Site: approx. 14.500 m2 (27.000 m2 Planning area minus public square area)
  • Floor Space Ratio: approx. 2,14
  • Sponsor: City of Traunstein
  • Project Team: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi with Julius Kress, Barnabás Rácz-Szabó, Katharina Weigert
Model Photo
View from the city terrace
Model Photo
Section B-B
View on station square
Model Photo Bird's eye view
Site Plan
Pictogram connection axis
View to Bus Station
Section A-A
Model Photo Topview
Deepening cutout