iCampus Munich


Office building, construction site GE3

The new building forms the conclusion and the joint at the eastern end of the iCampus. A generous public passageway into the existing green space links the pedestrian promenade running in an east/west direction to Ampfingstrasse with its specific building structures. In the building itself, this movement is announced by the indentation of the ground floor zone. This creates an open space of high quality between the new building and its surroundings. The volume of the building is scaled and individualized by subtractions from the maximum allowable figure. From the interplay of metal facade and trend-setting wood-hybrid construction, the self-evident quality character of the building develops.

  • Location: München-Werksviertel
  • Competition: 2020 (Closer Selection)
  • Sponsor: R&S Reality III GmbH & Co.KG, Munich, represented by R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH Munich
  • Project Team: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi, Zora Syren, Sang-Hyub Lee, Stella Birda
  • Hermann Kaufmann Architekten: Hermann Kaufmann, Tobias Laukenmann, Christoph Dünser, Roland Wehinger
floor plan first floor furnished