DV8 – Das Dörnberg

seit 2014

Within the ambitious conversion project of the track areas located north of the railroad line in Regensburg, the project seeks architectural answers for different building types as well as an overarching architectural and spatial design idea within this neighborhood prelude.

The basic idea of the design guideline takes care of the transition from public to private spaces by marking essential building edges, but especially by precisely dealing with property and maintenance boundaries within the exterior space. In this environment, the individual building types (subsidized row construction, urban villas and townhouses) react in a differentiated manner to the most varied technical and urban spatial conditions as well as the peculiarities of the respective use.

  • Location: Regensburg
  • Project: since 2014
  • Client: DBV Georgenhof GmbH & Co. KG, Grünwald
  • Project Team: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi, with Marcel Meili, Markus Peter, Magdalena Vondung, Mathias Adorf, Jakob Kortemeier
Black Plan
Site Plan
Model photo
Model photo
Model photo Torso, component C
Components Overview
Ground Floor Plan
Floor Plan 1rst Upper Floor
Design guide, inner courtyard
Design guide street front
Design guide Facade
Design guide detail view
Garden facade, component C
Street facade, component C
Garden facade, component C
Typologies townhouse, component C
Construction site photo component A, June 2018
Construction site photo component B, February 2019
Construction site photo component B, February 2019