City-Point Nürnberg


In the historic city centre of Nuremberg, one can still feel a lively appreciation of the cultural heritage of the old town as well as the modern additions. The design for the new “Altstadt Karree” is anchored in the complex DNA of the place and allows the construction to sink back into the urban corpus without disclaiming its extent.

Hereto, the design continues the dense block structure between Breiter Gasse, Pfannenschmiedgasse and blends in with this structure through its materiality and roof form. The Zeughaus (arsenal) is freed again as the head building. To the south ofFrauengasse, modern linear structures characterise the modern image of the Kornmarkt and Hallplatz. The rhythm of the façades in particular towards the south, is generated from this light impression characterised by positive faith in the future.

  • Location: Nuremberg
  • Competition: 2018, 1. Preis
  • Awarded by: Projektentwicklung Breite Gasse in Nürnberg GmbH, vertreten durch Development Partner AG
  • Project team: Florian Hartmann, Andreas Müsseler, Oliver Noak, Lisa Yamaguchi, Stella Birda, Piet Kretschmer, Ruth Wetcke
Black Plan
Site Plan
Model Photo
Model Photo
View North, Breite Gasse
View West, Pfannenschmiedgasse
View South, Hallplatz